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It is now January 1st, 2014 in my neck of the woods and I thought I’d start off the new year with a list of my favourite book blogs (or book-related blogs) of 2013. Some of these blogs are on here because they’re amazing people, some are here because they make amazing graphics, and some just run awesome blogs that I admire.


asheathes | bisexual-books | bloodybrilliantbooks | books-cupcakes | bookmad | bookporn | bookprince | booksandhotchocolate | booksandtea | booksfrommyshelf | booktown


didyousaybooks | dievrgent | enchantedreading | fuckyeahyoungadultlit | gryfflndor | gwendolenfairfaxx | ifreakinlovebooks | iprefertoread


noseinabook | ofpagesandchapters | paperbackd | readingrook


thebooker | thebookishdragon | thewritingcafe | trashybooks | travismdxx | what-lovely-books | yabookers

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